Top 5 Bond Island Tour Packages with Best Prices?

If you have to ask the price for something then the common wisdom is you probably cannot afford it.

However in Thailand it is far better to arm yourself with all the info about specifications, costs, add-ons, extras, dual-pricing and plain old scams in the cutthroat tourist industry a little research can point you towards the good operators, or at least the transparent ones willing to give you a good, safe day of fun in the sun, "Thai James Bond Style".

If you are like 90% of tourists to Southern Thailand and Phuket then you will find there are five types of tour packages that will be most accessible, affordable, fun and good value for money including:

  1. Longtail Traditional Tour
  2. Cruise BoatTour
  3. Speed Boat Tour
  4. June Bahtra Siamese Junk Tour
  5. Speed Boat Tour to James Bond Island & Krabi

In each of the following 5 posts each of these top 5 tour group packages are covered with all the key itinerary details, timings, costs and alls sorts of pros & cons so that all excitable Bond and Thai tourism fans can make informed decisions about which tour suits them, their friends and family's the best!