When Will James Bond Island Open in 2020?

Flights to Phuket Airport Expected in July

According to tentative plans by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) the island of Phuket could reopen for holidaymakers as early as July 2020. If the COVID-19 situation continues to improve then it is thought Phuket international airport will be able to allow new flights for tourists.

Thailand Plans Safe Return with Easing of Lockdown

This is due to the Thailand’s considerable success eliminating the spread of the virus with very few cases compared to most other countries in the world. The lockdown is cautiously being eased domestically as of May 2020. Phuket is being given special focus for a carefully planned return with controls on tourist numbers and health protection measures Introduced to establish safety for new arrivals.

When Will James Bond Island Open in 2020?

It is expected that James Bond Island tours will be allowed on a limited basis with social distancing integrated as part of these plans from July onwards. This will give visitors the best opportunity in decades to see the famous James Bond movie  locations in a much more intimate experience without the hordes of people crowding the boats and islands.

Stay safe and have a great time visiting James Bond Island!