Why are James Bond Island Tours so Popular?

James Bond Island Tours in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
The majority of tourists who come to visit James Bond Island take a day trip while on holiday in nearby Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi. 

Convenient Location to Holiday Hotspots

All three areas are in close proximity and within a few hours bus or boat ride away from Phang Nga National Park where James Bond Island is located in Thailand.

Exotic Movie Star Island Attraction

The island's name is a big giveaway as to its main attraction for Bond fans of all nationalities, especially the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada... every country on the planet actually. Billions have seen a 007 movie and tens of millions vacation in Thailand each year hence the big demand for the island tours.

The Bond and The Beautiful

Aside from the James Bond movie connection, Phang Nga Bay is also an area of outstanding natural beauty to which a steady stream of tourists of all nationalities are attracted. Even people who have never seen a Bond movie still visit to see the islands, rock formations and  aquatic awesomeness.

Easy, Accessible and Affordable 

Selling of the various different James Bond Island Tours is almost ubiquitous amongst travel agents in all Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi tourist areas. All you need to do is ask at your hotel or one of the thousands of local travel agencies the day before, pay about 1,250 Thai Baht ($40) and that's it!

No wonder the island remains a popular staple on traveler's to-do lists when they visit Thailand and for good reason... where else in the world can you pretend to be James Bond dueling with Scaramanga? 

Have a great time visiting James Bond Island!