When Will James Bond Island Open in 2020?

Flights to Phuket Airport Expected in July

According to tentative plans by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) the island of Phuket could reopen for holidaymakers as early as July 2020. If the COVID-19 situation continues to improve then it is thought Phuket international airport will be able to allow new flights for tourists.

Thailand Plans Safe Return with Easing of Lockdown

This is due to the Thailand’s considerable success eliminating the spread of the virus with very few cases compared to most other countries in the world. The lockdown is cautiously being eased domestically as of May 2020. Phuket is being given special focus for a carefully planned return with controls on tourist numbers and health protection measures Introduced to establish safety for new arrivals.

When Will James Bond Island Open in 2020?

It is expected that James Bond Island tours will be allowed on a limited basis with social distancing integrated as part of these plans from July onwards. This will give visitors the best opportunity in decades to see the famous James Bond movie  locations in a much more intimate experience without the hordes of people crowding the boats and islands.

Stay safe and have a great time visiting James Bond Island! 

James Bond Island in the Rain or Shine?

Phang Nga Bay Weather Conditions

James Bond Island in the Rain or SunThe tropical marine climate of Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga Bay can be split into two distinct seasons: sunny and rainy (also widely referred to as the high and low seasons). 

This is the key information to know about the different weather conditions for your visit:

High Season – Sunny, Warm and Fun

High season runs from November until April and the weather is pretty darn nice with lots of sun and temperatures of 32°C or 90 °F. It rains a lot less so more people visit to enjoy the sunshine and tour James Bond Island. The main downsides are the higher hotel prices and larger crowds.

Low Season – Rainy, Warm and Fun

Low season starts from May until October and there’s no denying that the rains increase quite a bit. However, some days have heavy downpours while other days get only a few drops. If there is a storm then tour operators will wait until the sky clears up first so just keep your schedule flexible.

Conclusion – Visit in Rainy or Sunny Season?

Any time of year is good to visit James Bond Island as long as you check the weather forecasts and plan your trip sensibly. If you’re on a budget and prefer to avoid larger crowds then rainy season is absolutely a suitable option.

Have a great time visiting James Bond Island!

How to Visit James Bond Island from Krabi

Krabi to James Bond Island Tour 101
Taking a day trip to James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay is an increasingly popular option for visitors at the beautiful beach resorts in Krabi.

The tours run all year round and are easy to book once you arrive and are ready to explore a little more of Thailand. 
Here’s all you need to know to for a top trip:

Krabi to James Bond Island Tour 101

How Far is Krabi from Phang Nga Bay?

The total distance is 60 miles by road and boat between Krabi and James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay. Great views and scenery all the way.

What is the Tour Duration and Transfer Time?

Tours from Krabi are usually a full day trip lasting 8 hours. They usually start at 8am when you are picked up at the hotel by air-conditioned minivan or bus and return by around 5pm in the evening.

How Much Do Island Tours from Krabi Cost?

Tickets for a traditional longtail boat tour can be purchased at your hotel or nearby travel agents 1 to 2 days in advance at a cost of 1,300 to 1,400 Thai Baht ($40 to $45 US dollars per person).

What Sights Will You See on Your Day Trip?

Most itineraries take you from Krabi through the countryside to Ao Phang Nga National Park, the most impressive marine area in Thailand due to the vast bay with its many islands, lagoons and awesome limestone formations.

From Phang Nga Pier the boat departs for a scenic cruise by the mangroves then exploring Lot Noi Sea Cave at Thalu Island (also possible kayaking).

This is followed by lunch at the floating fishing village at Koh Panyee Island or directly to the top attraction famously dubbed ‘James Bond Island’ (aka Khao Ping Khan and Koh Tapu Islands).

Before heading back to Krabi many tours include a stop to experience Wat Suwankuha Temple, which has been nicknamed the ‘Monkey Cave’ after the proliferation of (relatively) tame monkeys tourists can buy food for and take photos of.

Then it’s time to return to Krabi with a day full of unforgettable memories.

Have a great time visiting James Bond Island!

What To Pack For James Bond Island Tour

What To Pack For James Bond Island Tour
If you are planning a visit to James Bond Island then there are some important things to consider packing for your upcoming trip.

Whether you decide to take a tour to the islands in Phang Nga Bay by speedboat, kayak, junk or longtail boat these are the essential items you should bring to ensure your visit is a smooth and comfortable experience.

James Bond Island Packing List

  1. Bottle of Sun Lotion (spray-on is best, factor 40)
  2. Decent Pair of Shades (be cool, don’t squint)
  3. Bathing Suit (no skinny dipping allowed...)
  4. Hat or Cap (to protect from the sun and/or rain) 
  5. Change of Clothes (in case you get wet)
  6. Energy Drink (it is usually an early start)
  7. Phone or Camera (do try not to drop in the sea)
  8. Backpack (ideally water resistant or splash proof)
  9. Medication (there’s no hospitals in the ocean)
  10. Big Smile and Sense of Fun (no grumpy please!)
Pack well and have a great time at James Bond Island!

Is James Bond Island Closed? (Yes and No...)

Is James Bond Island Closed? (Yes and No...)
With the closure of Maya Bay to tourists visiting Phi Phi Island to protect the environment from damage this a good question to ask about James Bond Island - is it also closed?

Both locations became famous due to blockbuster movies being filmed with Roger Moore starring as James Bond in the excellent “Man With The Golden Gun” at Phang Nga Bay and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the awful but very scenic “The Beach” at Maya Bay.

Both have certainly seen increased volumes of tourists but as far as James Bond Island goes the answer is actually both a yes and a no (depending on which island you’re referring to...).

The main island where Britt Ekland was held hostage by Francisco Scaramanga is Khao Phing Kan and this remains open for business while the “mushroom shaped” island known as Koh Tapu (where the laser was hidden) has been off limits to tourists for the best part of two decades. This is to minimise the impact of erosion on the limestone islet and maintain it for future generations. 

So, yes, you can still visit the main island, take your selfies, splash around in the water, pretend to kill a midget called Nik Nak or seduce your very own Ms. Goodnight but do be mindful of the local environment and don’t leave a mess behind.

Have a great time visiting James Bond Island!