Is James Bond Island Closed? (Yes and No...)

Is James Bond Island Closed? (Yes and No...)
With the closure of Maya Bay to tourists visiting Phi Phi Island to protect the environment from damage this a good question to ask about James Bond Island - is it also closed?

Both locations became famous due to blockbuster movies being filmed with Roger Moore starring as James Bond in the excellent “Man With The Golden Gun” at Phang Nga Bay and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the awful but very scenic “The Beach” at Maya Bay.

Both have certainly seen increased volumes of tourists but as far as James Bond Island goes the answer is actually both a yes and a no (depending on which island you’re referring to...).

The main island where Britt Ekland was held hostage by Francisco Scaramanga is Khao Phing Kan and this remains open for business while the “mushroom shaped” island known as Koh Tapu (where the laser was hidden) has been off limits to tourists for the best part of two decades. This is to minimise the impact of erosion on the limestone islet and maintain it for future generations. 

So, yes, you can still visit the main island, take your selfies, splash around in the water, pretend to kill a midget called Nik Nak or seduce your very own Ms. Goodnight but do be mindful of the local environment and don’t leave a mess behind.

Have a great time visiting James Bond Island!