Why is James Bond Island a Famous Tourist Attraction?

James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand became famous in the 1970's after it was featured in the popular James Bond movie "The Man With The Golden Gun". After the movie became a worldwide blockbuster tourists in Thailand began to show interest in visiting the islands and tour operators began offering day trip packages. Over forty years later James Bond Island tours by longtail boat, speed boat cruises and sea canoes or kayaks remain a major attraction for tourists holidaying in Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi in Southern Thailand.

Why is it called James Bond Island?

Ko Khao Ping Kan and Ko Tapu became known as "James Bond Island" due to the islands being featured as locations for the blockbuster James Bond movie "The Man With The Golden Gun" starring a Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

Where was the Man with the Golden Gun Filmed?

Famous Bond Director Guy Hamilton started filming the Man with the Golden Gun on location in Hong Kong in November, 1973 before heading to Bangkok and then Southern Thailand in 1974. The external shots of Scaramanga's island lair were filmed in Phang Nga Bay and the islands of Ko Khao Ping Kan and Ko Tapu aka James Bond Island. At that time the area was not yet a famous tourist attraction and there were limited facilities available for the cast and crew of the movie with everything including food and water having to be flown in.

Which James Bond Movies Were Filmed in Thailand?

To date, there have been two James Bond movies which were filmed partially in Thailand. The first was "The Man With The Golden Gun" which was shot in Bangkok and Southern Thailand in 1974. The second was "Tomorrow Never Dies" which included shots in Phang Nga Bay nearby the location of James Bond Island.

Why are James Bond Island Tours so Popular?

The majority of tourists who visit James Bond Island come from Phuket, Thailand which is just a couple of hours bus ride away from Phang Nga National Park where James Bond Island is located. 
Along with the James Bond movie connection Phang Nga Bay is also an area of outstanding natural beauty to which a steady stream of tourists of all nationalities are attracted.

Selling of the various different James Bond Island Tours is almost ubiquitous amongst travel agents in Phuket's tourist areas. It remains a popular staple on traveler's to-do lists when they visit Thailand and for good reason - where else in the world can you pretend to be James Bond dueling with Scaramanga?

What's the Best James Bond Island Sea Canoe Tour Itinerary and Deal?

One of the ways for tourists to visit James Bond Island at a more relaxed pace is to take one of the canoe tour day trip packages available from any quality travel agent in Phuket.

This means instead of visiting James Bond Island as part of an overlarge group of tourists you get the much better opportunity to explore the natural environment in your own canoe up close to the island and all around the beautiful Phang Nga Bay.

The itinerary for the James Bond Island Canoe Tour should look something like this:

07:30  Pick up from your hotel 09:00  Depart from the pier in Laem Sai 10:00  Arrive at Phang Nga Bay and go to explore sea caves by canoe 11:45  Departure to James Bond Island 12:45  Return to cruiser and enjoy a Thai Buffet lunch on board 14:00  Arrive at Lawa Island for swimming or relaxation at the beach 16:00  Return to the pier in Laem Sai and transfer to your hotel 17:00  Arrive back at safely at your hotel
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Ko Tapu / Khao Tapu at James Bond Island

Ko Tapu, Koh Tapu or Khao Tapu at James Bond Island is the tall vertical rock island that stands out in the middle of the bay of Koh Khao Ping Kan and it is this funny looking rock that featured so heavily in "The Man with the Golden Gun" movie by hosting the solar panels for harvesting the power of the sun and for powering Scaramanga's laser gun.

Ko Tapu actually translates into English as nail island or spike island and it got this name due to its tall and rocky nature.

The limestone rock is around 20 metres tall with a diameter ranging from about 4 metres at the bottom and up to 8 metres at the top (hence the name of nail island).

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James Bond Island Longtail Boat Tour Itinerary

Before you head off on a James Bond Island Tour you should check out the following itinerary for a a great Longtail Boat Tour Package which the majority of visitors take to visit the island. The tour itinerary will give you an idea of what to expect during your sightseeing:

10.00-10.15Pick-up from your hotel by minibus to the pier in Phang Nga province.
Visit Monkey Cave at Suwankuha Temple.
Sightseeing in Phang Nga Bay National Park by Longtail Boat.
Special Thai lunch in the Muslim fishing village of Koh Panyee Island and a chance to experience the local life style.
Explore the nature and sea caves by canoe at Talu Island with experienced guides.
Visit the famous and much loved James Bond Island.
Depart from the pier to Phuket.17.30-18.00Arrive back at your hotel.

The 3 Best James Bond Island Tour Options

There are 3 most popular options for tour groups and tourists wishing to visit James Bond Island and the current choices are as follows:

1) James Bond Island Tour by Longtail Boat.
2) James Bond Island Tour by Sea Cave Canoe.
3) James Bond Island Tour by Speed Boat Cruise.

All these options have their own positive points but, either way, all three of them will provide a memorable day out to visit James Bond Island.

Have a great time!