How do you get to James Bond Island from Phang Nga, Phuket, Phi Phi or Krabi?

As demonstrated in the "Man with the Golden Gun" 007 movie there are only two main methods of approaching James Bond Island; the first is by air and seaplane ala Roger Moore while the second, and much more common method, is by sea via long tail boat, speedboat, Chinese style Junk or even by Kayak if you are so environmentally and energetically inclined.

To find out more just check out the details for each of the top 3 tour packages available now:

1) James Bond Island Tour by Longtail Boat.
2) James Bond Island Tour by Sea Cave Canoe.
3) James Bond Island Tour by Speed Boat Cruise.

Mr. Bond visited by Seaplane, most tourists prefer boats
Mr. Bond visited by Seaplane, most tourists prefer boats

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