Ko Tapu / Khao Tapu at James Bond Island

Ko Tapu at James Bond Island
Ko Tapu at James Bond Island

Ko Tapu, Koh Tapu or Khao Tapu at James Bond Island is the tall vertical rock island that stands out in the middle of the bay of Koh Khao Ping Kan and it is this funny looking rock that featured so heavily in "The Man with the Golden Gun" movie by hosting the solar panels for harvesting the power of the sun and for powering Scaramanga's laser gun.

Ko Tapu actually translates into English as nail island or spike island and it got this name due to its tall and rocky nature.

The limestone rock is around 20 metres tall with a diameter ranging from about 4 metres at the bottom and up to 8 metres at the top (hence the name of nail island).

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