The Man with the Golden Gun - The Movie That Created a Thai Tourist Attraction

Released in 1974, the Man with the Golden Gun was the ninth movie in the EON Productions James Bond series and was Roger Moore’s second outing as Bond. It was also the movie that created a Thai tourist attraction now known as James Bond Island.

In the film, James Bond comes up against the villainous Francisco Scaramanga, the world’s most expensive assassin who charges US$1 million per hit. Each time he uses his golden gun and never needs more than one golden bullet. He also has an extra nipple. Because Bond villains are weird about that sort of thing!

A fast-paced, high octane chase takes place starting in Hong Kong and ending up in tropical Thailand where 007 duels with Scaramanga and his Golden Gun on the beach of the now world-famous James Bond Island.

While it was said to have been in Chinese waters in the movie the actual location of James Bond Island aka Koh Khao Ping Kan in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

The rest, as they say, is history and the movie's success created a major Thai tourist attraction that continues to draw crowds of visitors forty plus years later!