Top 5 Things to do on James Bond Island aka Koh Khao Phing Kan?

What To Do on James Bond Island Thailand

These are the top 5 things to do on James Bond Island once your tour group arrives at the 007 movie themed tourist attraction in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand:
  1. Walk from the boat docking area, up past the tourist souvenir shops then down and around to the beach area next to the bay where Koh Tapu aka "James Bond Island Rock" is located.
  2. Take photos of yourself in famous poses and re-enacting the best scenes from the movie with your family and friends taking on the roles of 007, Scaramanga, Nik Nak and Ms.Goodnight.
  3. Browse (but probably don't buy) from the multiple rows of identical souvenir shops who surprisingly don't sell much in the way of James Bond merchandise or keepsakes.
  4. Take lots of cool photos of the "James Bond Island Rock" and surrounding area. 
  5. Get ready to leave as this is pretty much the extent of the average island tour and because it is so popular there will be more groups preparing to land at the same time as you leave.
However despite the relatively quick pace of the tour the whole day package tours usually also include various other visits and stops at places like the Monkey Caves and the Floating Fishing Village as well as Sea Canoing or Kayaking.